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Weekend Update!

Hey Highlands Family,

WOW!! Last weekend at Highlands almost 200 people signed up for Financial Peace University. That’s an awesome response!! I’ve had so many emails and Facebook messages of encouragement from our current series. My prayer is that your energy bucket is full and you’re realizing the power of words on a schedule lived out!

A quick shout out to our Johnson City Campus! Last week at our 633 High School ministry they had 7 salvations and 8 baptisms!! Is that not incredible!! Only God!!

God continues to place His favor on our church. I’m humbled to be a part of all He is doing. Thank you so much for all you do, the ways you serve, and the heart you have for those far from God. There’s no church I would rather serve than Highlands. Together we will change the world for His glory.

As summer quickly approaches and everything gets busier, we wanted to make it easier on you to continue to give. We’ve come up with two options for you to try. My challenge for you for the next three months is to participate in either automated giving or smart mobile giving. Check out our website for more information

Don’t forget to sign your children up for Camp Super Sonic!! We’re bringing camp to your campus.

Or sign up your middle school or high school student for MPACT! This summer it’s a missions trip and camp all wrapped up in one!

I can’t wait to see you at church this weekend!! I’ll be introducing all of our summer interns to you. It’s going to be an AMAZING SUMMER at Highlands!! Every weekend will be God Anointed, Energy Packed, and Life Changing!!!

Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

Pastor Allen



Hey Highlands,

You don’t want to miss church this weekend. Why? Well, besides a great series for you, “COFFEE with BENEFITS”, the kids will get a bag tag while they are in their service. This series has been so much fun as we have looked at our friends and considered our future. HFKidz Bag Tag

Easter is just around the corner. Did you realize that 78% of your unchurched friends would come to an Easter service if they were invited? Don’t miss the best opportunity of the year to see your “JUST ONE” attend a service and possibly accept Christ and be changed FOREVER!! You can get your tickets online or pick them up at every campus this weekend. You can check out our Easter schedule here:

If you want to help get the word out about Easter at Highlands, please post an invitation with the church’s website on your social media pages! Fill free to use one of these images:

Can’t wait to see what God will do this weekend!! Pray with me that God will capture hearts and change lives!!

Pastor Allen



Hey Highlands Family,

You do not want to miss the service this weekend at Highlands!! God continually reminds me that His Hand of Favor is on our church. I’m going to share with you some very EXCITING NEWS!! I hope you will make it a priority to get to a Highlands service this weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night!! Yes, it’s a signal that springtime is almost here. YAY!!!!

Along with the announcement, I’m launching into a BRAND NEW SERIES called “COFFEE WITH BENEFITS.” Nothing is better in my world that a hot cup of coffee with a friend. This is a series about friendships and how life is so much better when we have trusted friends to share it with. I honestly believe that for many of you, this has the potential to be the most significant message series of the year, and it could impact your life for years to come. Because, if we get our friends right, the right friends set us up for success in every area of our life.

NOTICE: During the second weekend of “COFFEE WITH BENEFITS”, every person at every service gets an awesome FREE T-SHIRT!!! They will only be given away on March 14th and 15th!! You must be present to get one!! Continue reading


Hey Highlands Family,

I’m right in the middle of a series called FACE TIME! It’s been a fun series dealing with topics such as, “FACE TIME WITH OUR KIDS”, and “FACE TIME WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE.” This weekend I’m teaching on, “FACE TIME WITH YOURSELF!” I’m excited about this message and I hope you’re planning on coming to one of our weekend services. It’s true, before you can help others, you have to help yourself! Come this weekend and learn from God’s Word how God desires to bless us in amazing ways.

I hear it’s going to be a little chilly this weekend, but don’t worry, we will be having hot coffee, fresh doughnuts, and plenty of warm smiles at every campus! This weekend will be a perfect time to bring a friend to church because it’s going to be too cold for them to do anything else!! I don’t know about you, but I’m singing, “IN SUMMER” in my mind!!

Here’s the best reason to come to church this weekend – Because God is going to capture the hearts of His people as we sing and enjoy a time of rich connections and friendships!! Who knows, maybe you will have a Fresh Expression of God this weekend!!

Can’t wait!!!!



Hey Highlands Family,

WOW!! Just a quick note of thanks for all the people you continue to bring to a Highlands Campus. Because you have been faithful to bring your “JUST ONES”, look how God has responded to your obedience!! We had an overall increase in attendance of 46% for this past weekend!! In 2014, we had 2910 people attend in total at all of our locations. This past weekend, we had 4235 people attend! That is an increase of 1325 people!!!!! The best part of the whole weekend – 8 people accepted Christ, and 3 people made their faith public through baptism! Only God could do this!!

I had the opportunity to visit our BRAND NEW WISE CAMPUS last weekend, and it was AWESOME!! 167 People in Attendance!! If you have unchurched friends in WISE COUNTY, invite them to be a part of the Highlands family at Wise!

Celebrate Recovery now meets at our Bristol Campus on Tuesday nights and is seeing growth with 37 more people attending this past Tuesday than in 2014. They had a total of 97 people there!!!  If you have a hurt, habit, or hang-up that you would like to have victory over, please consider attending CR!

THIS WEEKEND, I kick off a BRAND NEW SERIES called FACETIME!! Let’s face it, we all waste way too much time. Our faces are constantly glued to a television, a computer, or a smart phone. We spend our days liking things on Facebook and our evenings catching up on our favorite shows on Netflix. We go to bed with an iPhone in our hand, and it’s the first thing we grab when we wake up. BUT WHAT IF WE SPEND OUR FACETIME ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS? How much different would our lives be? So, come this weekend as we explore coming face to face with what matters most! This will be a great series to invite your family and friends to come along with you!

One last thought! Being Superbowl Sunday, almost everyone will be watching the BIG GAME. Many of you will invite friends over to watch the game. I hope you have a great time together!! These are people you enjoy being with and spending time together. Maybe, just ask the Lord sometime Sunday evening as you are enjoying time with your friends and family if this could be your future small group. Wouldn’t it be great to have people you love and enjoy being with growing closer to God? With our free Right Now Media app, we have the teaching aspect covered for you. All you have to do is be a host and find a place to get together. At Highlands, we believe God would have us grow larger and smaller at the same time. On the weekend, we continue to grow larger, but during the week, we grow smaller by encouraging you to get involved in a small group. I hope you will consider this challenge.

Check out our website at

Humbled and Honored to serve you during this season of my life!! I love you all!

Pastor Allen