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Time Change Weekend

Hey Highlands Family,

WHAT A WEEK! Man, I’ve been so excited to write this email all day! It’s been wild around our campuses with the stories and the excitement that came with the Walking Dead series! People came, people heard, and people’s lives were changed by the gospel. Excited to share with you some of the PRAISES just from last week!
  • 5 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior last weekend!!!
  • 2 people made their faith public through baptism!
  • We had almost 4000 PEOPLE at all of our locations last weekend!!! God is on the move people, all up and down the Appalachian Corridor.
  • Our average attendance was up 23% from 2013, with a total of 744 people attending more than last year!!!
  • Bristol Campus was up 22%, and THEY BROKE THEIR 1000 MARK with 1013 people this past weekend!!! WAHOOO BRISTOL!
  • Abingdon Campus saw an average attendance increase of 11%!
  • Abingdon Chapel also had an increase from last week with 51 people!
  • Johnson City Campus saw an average attendance increase of 42%, a total of 103more people than in 2013!!
  • Marion Campus ALSO saw an average attendance increase of 42%, a total of 92 more people than in 2013!!! THAT’s AWESOME!
  • Wise Campus continues to grow with 135 people attending for the 4th weekend since they launched! WAY TO GO WISE!!!
  • Online Campus saw an increase of 84% in attendance compared to 2013 on this weekend. They had a total of 334 people view the last weekend of the Walking Dead online!!
  • Our TOTAL ADULTS for this weekend increased by 979 people compared to 2013… That’s an increase of 45% compared to last year. Only God could have done that guys, only God!
This weekend we launch a BRAND NEW SERIES called “IN THE ZONE”! I can’t wait to see what God will do. I really believe this series will be a GAME CHANGER for our church as we move ahead to accomplish all God has for us to do!!

YAHOOO!!! an extra hour of sleep!!

Bring some friends and let’s look at how to get our families living “IN THE ZONE” this weekend!!

Can’t wait to see you!
Pastor Allen


Hey Highlands Family,

The Walking Dead Series has been incredible!! You guys have invited hundreds of people to a service during these past three weeks. This weekend I’ll be finishing up this series with a message about HEAVEN! I want to ask you to invite unchurched, imperfect people to a service this weekend. Matter of fact, I believe as you read this short note, God is bringing someone to your mind that you need to invite. Take the risk and make the ask!! Who knows, maybe God will capture their hearts this weekend like He has so many others during this series.

Can you imagine getting to heaven one day and having friends and family coming up to you thanking you for the risk that you took to invite them to a simple service where they heard the gospel and made a decision to invite Christ into their lives – a decision that changed their eternity.

In my job, I’ve done well over 1000 funerals. During a funeral, the only thing that matters is did the deceased know Jesus or not. If they did, I’m able to comfort the family with this scripture: “To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5:8). If they did not know Jesus, there is no comfort I can give about their loved ones’ eternity, rather I encourage the living to know Jesus. During our series, the vast majority of us have concluded, while looking at the scriptural evidence, that we are living in the Last Days of the Last Days!! The truth is: Jesus could come for us at any moment. And the question we all must answer: Are you ready if He came for you today?

I am so humbled that God has given me the opportunity to offer the HOPE of the GOSPEL so you can know for sure that you are ready to meet JESUS – the one who LOVES you more than any other!!

“I have written this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life.”  (1John 5:13)

Can’t wait to see whose life God will change for all eternity this weekend!!

Pastor Allen

The Walking Dead

Hey Highlands Family!

This weekend we’re starting a brand new series called, THE WALKING DEAD!!! This is a series about The End of Time! I’m often asked, “Do you think we’re living in the Last Days?” This is an age-old question that both believers and non-believers frequently discuss.

THE WALKING DEAD will be a great series to invite your family and friends to attend. Did you know that 85% of all U.S. Christians came to know Christ because someone invited them to a church service where they heard the gospel and eventually gave their lives to Christ? The power of an invitation is huge!! At Highlands, we do a couple of series a year that are definitely attractive to people who are far from God. The WALKING DEAD is one of those series with this target in mind. So, my challenge is for you to not only invite your friends, but I want to encourage you to take a risk and step outside your comfort zone and invite people in your sphere of influence that you know if they died today, they would die lost. They would die without any knowledge of a God who created them and that He has a purpose for their life. They would be eternally separated from God.

How long has it been since you have actually invited someone to church? This is a great question for you to consider. A lot of research has now surfaced that reveals the major differences between growing churches and dying churches is whether people are inviting or not. Growing churches have people that are inviting others at least three times a month to attend a service with them. You are the best marketing we could ever have at Highlands. So, please, take a chance and let’s be willing to pass on the adventure of the Christian life that God has captured our hearts for, to those that desperately need His hope.

In Him,

Pastor Allen

Breaking News!!

Dear Highlands Family–

I wanted to let you know about something very important that’s happening at Highlands Fellowship. This weekend we open up a BRAND NEW CAMPUS IN WISE, VA. If you know anyone in the Wise, Norton, Coeburn, or Pound areas, call them and let them know about this opportunity. Services will be at Camp Bethel (9050 Camp Bethel Rd, Wise, VA 24293) at 11:00 am.


I can’t wait to see you and your friends this weekend!! Check out all of our locations and service times here at our website:

Join me in praying that God would write another amazing story this weekend!!!

I love our church!!!

Pastor Allen



I hope you’ve had a GREAT summer! We have had an INCREDIBLE SUMMER at Highlands!! We have baptized well over 200 people just in the last 3 months. YAY GOD!! As the kids get back to school and vacation season winds down, I want to share with you what is getting ready to happen at our church for the approaching fall season.

This coming weekend is gonna be SUPER EXCITING as we KICK OFF a Brand New Series called SEPTEMBERFEAST. It begins this Saturday August 30th (Bristol Only) and Sunday August 31st at every other campus! This is an awesome opportunity for you and your friends to take your next step in your spiritual growth journey. We still have tickets available for Sessions beginning September 5 & 6 and you will be served a delicious meal from some of the area restaurants that will cater to each of our campuses. What could be better than taking your next step spiritually while eating a great catered meal? Check out the website for times and locations. It’s so easy to sign up online.

Another major transition at Highlands this fall will be shifting HIGH SCHOOL MINISTRY to WEDNESDAY NIGHTS. As you know, we have a heart to reach high schoolers with the gospel of Jesus Christ. After canvassing our high school students, studying churches all across the country (who are actually reaching high school students), and spending much time before the Lord, we decided to make this shift. Our HIGH SCHOOL MINISTRY will be called 633 and that is also the time it meets every Wednesday night. It will be EXCELLENT in every way – LIVE BAND, GREAT VOLUNTEERS, ENGAGING MESSAGE, FUN, FOOD and GAMES AT EVERY CAMPUS!!  THIS NEW MINISTRY KICKS OFF ON SEPT. 10TH AT 6:33PM. If you would like more information, want to volunteer, or just want to see what’s going on there will be a preview service on Wednesday, September 3 at 6:33 at every campus. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this shift. Just email me at

Finally, one more major announcement! We are opening up a NEW CAMPUS in WISE, VA!! We will launch with a FUN DAY on Stepember 13th from 4:00PM – 6:00PM. Blow ups, food, fun, and excitement to get the word out to the community about our NEW CAMPUS. Then on SUNDAY, October 5th at 11:00AM, we will have our first service. We will be meeting at CAMP BETHEL in the community of Wise, Va. Jeff Rolen has agreed to serve as our campus pastor for our Wise Campus and he can be reached at if you would like to help get this campus off the ground. Why Wise you might ask? Because Wise County is the 7th most unreached county in the state of Virginia. I know, that surprised me as well! Highlands, we can’t sit idly by and let 1000′s of people in Wise County go through life without knowing there is a God who loves them and has a plan for their lives. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in WISE and the surrounding areas. Your heart of generosity has allowed us to fulfill this dream of planting a NEW CAMPUS in WISE!!

I look forward to speaking to you this weekend! I have a message that is burning on my heart that I believe God has given me to share with all of you. I am honored and humbled to serve you as we continue to see God do things in a miraculous way. I love you all so much!!


Pastor Allen

Global Leadership Summit

On August 14 & 15 Highlands Fellowship is hosting the Global Leadership Summit at the Abingdon campus. We’re convinced that leadership is critical to church vitality. A church’s effectiveness in pursuing its God-given mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion and skill of those who make up its local body.

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day event that is designed to build spiritual muscle in the lives of every Christ follower. Because Highlands Fellowship is a host site, we have a special rate of $109.  To get this rate, please enter this code “LEAD14HS” when you register.  There is also special rates for students and faculty of $79.

You can register on our website at

Check out this video:

I hope you will join me as we host this event and enhance our leadership skills to be more effective leaders and followers of Christ.

Pastor Allen

Fourth of July Weekend!

Hey Highlands Family,

WOW!! We just finished up our third week of CAMP!! Hundreds of children and teenagers have been to a Highlands Camp, and God has done amazing things in their lives. Every week we have seen salvations, baptisms, recommitments, etc. THANKS to the 100′s of volunteers that made our summer camps possible. I have a real heart for camp because I was saved at a summer camp when I was 16 years old, and I’ve never been the same!! Already can’t wait for next years’ camp season!!

I hope you have an incredible July 4th weekend!! Holiday weekends are an amazing time to gather with family and friends and celebrate our freedom and our love for each other. This weekend, most of us will cook out, eat more than we need, watch some fireworks, and see some friends and family that we haven’t seen for awhile. Brenda and I are having the interns over for a cook out and fireworks on the 4th. All of my kids are so excited to have a 4th of July party with the interns!! So much so, that they have actually volunteered to help clean the house!! This is a modern day MIRACLE!!

I hope to see you this weekend at one of our services. I’ll be finishing up our SIX FLAGS SERIES and I’m speaking on, “OUR GREATEST FEARS”! I promise it will be a fun filled weekend. This would be a great service to bring a friend too. All of us have some fears we struggle with! Don’t forget Highlands has a Saturday night service at our Bristol Campus at 6:30PM if for some reason you will be away on Sunday. Check out everything that’s happening at Highlands on our website:  Also, if you’re on vacation, you can watch the service online at the same website.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend,

Pastor Allen

Weekend Happenings

Hey Highlands Family,

God continues to do amazing things in our midst. He is changing lives every weekend for all eternity!! WinShape was another huge success with 261 kids, 10 salvations, and two baptisms!! Thanks to all of our WinShape volunteers for an unforgettable camp experience!! Many of you helped sponsor a child that otherwise could not afford to attend, so let me say thank you for that as well. My kids love WinShape and are already counting down the days till next year.

As I write this email, we are in the middle of our AMPLIFY High School Camp!! This year AMPLIFY sold out, so we have a full camp with overflowing cabins!! It’s going great and the teens are loving it! Next week is our AMPLIFY Middle School Camp and there are just a few spots left. Camp is one of the best items to invest in for your children. More people give their lives to Christ during Camp than any other time. So, if you want to keep your kids on fire for God’s purposes, get them to Camp!!

I know summer is in full swing, and if your in town I hope to see you at a Highlands service this weekend. We will be honoring our military this weekend in observance of the upcoming July 4th weekend. Our Six Flags Series continues and I’ll be speaking on the subject of our FREEDOM!! I can’t wait to see what God will do as we get together to learn more about what He has made available for us!! This would be a great service to bring your unchurched friends and your visiting relatives. Who knows, God might capture their heart while they’re here. I’m more convinced everyday that our lives are so much better when we have a relationship with Jesus.

Our Leadership Pipeline is growing. This sumer we have 9 interns and one resident! I introduced all of them to our church last weekend. If you missed, go and watch the service through our website. ( These young men and women are incredible. They have come to Highlands from as far as North Dakota!! Stop by the Foundry and meet them. If you’re really brave invite them over for a cookout or fun day! You’ll be glad you did!!

So humbled to be part of such an amazing place!

Hope to see you soon,

Pastor Allen

Summer Camp

Hey Highlands Family,

Is Summer Camp really worth it?

Your children will be free from social media, video games, boredom and more which is totally worth the price of admission!

What will they do? They will spend time outside learning different skills, take part in awesome worship experiences, and be loved on by caring volunteers. They will come away from camp with a better understanding of WHO JESUS is and how much He loves them and how they can show that love to others! It’s an investment worth making!

Elementary School Camp (completed 1st-6th grades)

WinShape Camp is a day camp that offers your child the BEST.WEEK.EVER! It will take place from Monday, June 16th through Friday, June 20th. Be sure to sign your kids up TODAY! You can find out more information and register at

Middle School Camp (completed 5th-7th grades) and High School Camp (completed 8th-12th grades)

From zip lining, to rafting, to outdoor worship, and more, Amplify will be a week your child won’t soon forget!  Amplify is an overnight camp that takes place for High Schoolers from Sunday, June 22nd through Thursday, June 26th and Middle Schoolers from Sunday, June 29th through Thursday, July 3rd. Be sure to sign your kids up TODAY! You can find out more information and register at

I hope you will consider signing up your children for camp this summer. It’s amazing how many children receive Christ at camp, and how many lives are forever changed!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend as we continue our series, SIX FLAGS!! I’ll be speaking about - GOLIATH:
Overcoming Your Giants! It’s going to be an awesome weekend.

In Him,
Pastor Allen

Lake Baptism

Hey Highlands Family,

Have you ever thought you would like to be baptized the way Jesus was baptized? If so, then this is your chance!! This Sunday is our LAKE BAPTISM and COOKOUT at South Holston Lake!!  We have reserved Washington County Park for this occasion. Get your FREE TICKETS at the event table at your campus to get in the park and for a delicious hamburger with all the fixings!! It’s going to be an awesome day where we bring all of the Highlands Family together and celebrate with so many as they take their next step of being baptized like Jesus!! The weather looks great, so bring a lounge chair and join us at the lake after both services on Sunday!! Go to for more details.

This weekend we Kick a Off a Brand New Series called “SIX FLAGS”.  I can’t wait to get this series started! It’s gonna be so much fun! All I’m saying is – if you’re in town, you don’t want to miss it!!

So, invite some friends and family!! I can’t wait to see you this weekend!!

In Him,


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