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Easter at Highlands and Ronnie Hill

Hey Highlands Family!!

Could it be that spring is almost here? As I write this note to you, the sun is shining and it’s upward of 70 degrees!! I love spring! It is the season of the greatest event in Christianity  – EASTER!!!! When Jesus burst forth from the tomb on Easter morning, our world was changed forever!! Christianity began to spread like wildfire and continues to this day as the Christian movement claims over 4 billion followers!! That is absolutely amazing!!

Mark your calendars now for EASTER at HIGHLANDS. I’m am so excited about the message for Easter this year, and I believe 100’s are going to accept Jesus as their Savior!! I am asking every Highlander to begin praying now about the person you are going to ask to attend an Easter service with you. As God brings that person to your mind, He is already working on their heart. Fill up your courage bucket, and MAKE THE ASK!

This weekend remember to set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night! My upcoming message is titled this:


This is what Highlands is all about! We’re CREATING A CHURCH WHERE IMPERFECT PEOPLE LOVE TO ATTEND!!  We accomplish this by inviting our JUST ONE’S and asking God to capture their hearts for Him. Is this God’s Vision and Mission for our church? I think so! He has honored it in an incredible way!

Since we launched out on a clear vision and mission, Highlands has grown by 1500 people, and 2 new campuses. Every person matters to Jesus! It doesn’tmatter what past you have, the color of your skin, your political party, your economic status, your education level–YOU ARE WELCOME AT HIGHLANDS!!!  My guarantee to you as you invite your friends is this: You will be loved and valued when you enter our parking lots and attend our services. We love you because God loves you. And here is another fact! We’ve all blown it, made mistakes and are clearly imperfect. That’s what I love about our church. We all realize we are desperately broken and in need of a loving Savior!! Finally, Palm Sunday, Ronnie Hill will be with us. Everybody loves Ronnie and his unique gift to share the truth with humor and love.  Ronnie loves coming to our church and he is so excited to share with you what God has laid on his heart.

I love our church!! I want to thank every Highlander for your generosity and service as we continue to be used by God to change the world!! I believe the church has never been as needed as we are right now!! God has allowed us to live in a time that is unlike any other time in our history. We cannot afford to drop the ball on our watch. If so, our children and grandchildren will greatly suffer. I firmly believe the local church is the hope of the world because it has the only true message of life change!!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Pastor Allen

Baptisms at Bluefield

66 People Accepted Jesus

Hey Highlands Family,

It has been an awesome start to a New Year!! The TRANSFORMED Series resonated with our church family in incredible ways!!  Many of you brought your “JUST ONE’S” and God captured their hearts!!

66 people gave their lives to Christ during this series!!!

Yay God!!!!

Many people took the challenge and started getting healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially!! New small groups continue to form in every campus. If you’re not involved in a small group you are missing out on having some great friends pour into your life. Many people took their next step by attending a session or getting baptized!!

This past weekend we had our first baptisms at our Bluefield Site!! Continue reading

Transformed Series - How God Changes Us

Do you know why I love our church so much?

Hey Highlands Family,
Do you know why I love our church so much? Here’s one reason why: Last weekend with snow covered highways and below freezing temperatures, over 2000 Highlanders braved the weather and physically attended a church service!!! And here is the best part — 11 people gave their lives to Christ!! That’s awesome!!!! We also had over 900 people attend Highlands Online with 6 people receiving Christ online!! God continues to do amazing things in our midst and I am blown away by His power. Continue reading

Transform Your 2016

Hey Highlands Family!

I’m excited to get 2016 kicked off.  We are beginning the New Year with a series that I believe can set us up for the best year ever.  Check out this quick video.


Click the links below to sign up for daily devotionals and create space for your family and maybe even a few friends to join together in this study.

Click here to sign up for Transformed Devotionals in your inbox each morning beginning January 4th. (If you wrote it on your response card this past weekend you do not have to signup here too)

Want to host a small group study for your family?  Register here. Continue reading

Video from Pastor Allen and Pastor Steve

Hey Highlands family, watch this video to hear the latest about our special Christmas Offering this weekend for #ForBristol

If you already have prayed and know what God is leading you to give you don’t have to wait until Sunday, click here. Remember it’s not about what you give, but everyone participating in creating space to change lives through the opportunity God has given us in Bristol!

Thank you Highlands!

Pastor Allen